A Movie Poster Says A Lot About the Genre of The Movie

Visuals play an important role in influencing the opinion of the viewer. They are used in everything from marketing to education to help viewers understand the content better. When designing posters for movies, the designer takes into account the genre of the film and tries to reflect the same in the poster. Think of the poster the same way you would look at a book cover. The saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” seems like familiar one. However, while this is true for some of the niche movies, that many people don’t know about, it is essential for designers to make posters to scream the content of the movie, in it.

Hollywood has aced the designing of posters to reveal enough about the movie and let the audience make their choice about seeing it. The first thing they release about a movie is the poster, which gives audiences a glimpse into what to expect from the movie. Whether the audiences read the description of the movie or no, they form an opinion from seeing the poster itself. If you are wondering why they have to make these posters talk about the genre and why they can’t be designed to look artsy instead; the answer is the cost. Marketing for a movie is a very very expensive affair. It is always best to stick to the template of what the audiences expect and spend less on further advertising and marketing.

The Trend with Romance Movies

Audiences choose the movies they like based on what they see on the poster and the cast. Their favorite actors and unassuming actors in their favorite genres are a definite win for them. In classic romance movies, you can expect to find the two lovers showcased on the poster for sure. Their faces are visible in full costume for the movie, and the audiences immediately know that they want to look forward to watching the movie. The other instances that are revealed in romantic movie posters are the setting for the movie. For example, if it is set on the ocean or if it is a summer romance.

Action Movie Glimpses

When it comes to action movies, you will find that the actors are rarely revealed unless they are trendy. However, their costume is highlighted in the poster. The background for the action movie posters is usually digitally enhanced places of where the actor stands in costume. The titles of the movie are visible on the poster. The titles are made bold and overpower the actual image behind it or are at least equal to the character. The other exciting thing about the action genre is that only one word of the title is usually highlighted.

Looking Closely at The Horror Genre

The human eye spooks most people. When the movie poster focuses on the eye, you immediately assume it’s a horror movie. You don’t even have to read the title or know who the actors are before you know it’s a horror that you can expect. Unlike other movie genres, horror movies are made with different actors to cut on the budget and focus on the quality of the direction. Another usual feature of the horror genre posters is a house that looks old. If that’s not enough to scare the living daylights out of people, the name of the movie on the poster does.