Christopher Nolan Takes The Full Risk

The events of the past few months have had a severe impact on the film industry. The cinemas were closed for months. Even now, full utilization is not possible for any obvious reasons. That poses a significant problem for the filmmakers and their works. Numerous blockbusters have long been completed and should now ensure great sales in the cinemas. But Hollywood has decided to hold back its major movie hits for the time being. That not only applies to the latest James Bond film called No Time To Die, but also to the next Marvel blockbuster called Black Widow. Only two projects have decided to break new ground.


Watch Mulan At Home

First of all, there is the real-life adaptation of the Disney classic cartoon  Mulan. A few weeks ago, the group had good experiences with direct exploitation on its streaming channel Disney +. Mulan is now supposed to push everything to the new limits. Mulan will only appear on Disney +. The price is impressive because the company charges a cost of thirty dollars for the right to see the film. Anyone who has not yet signed a subscription for the streaming station can even expect thirty-seven dollars. These blockbusters are films that the whole family sees together in the cinema. That is how the calculation of the high price is to be understood. Now, the film industry is waiting eagerly to see whether the risky game of Disney will work out. After all, it is a potential super hit that is currently being used exclusively for the Heinkino as a pay-per-view solution.

Tenet Plays The Pioneering Role

Christopher Nolan takes an entirely different risk. The Brit has been considered one of the last great directors in cinema not just since his groundbreaking Batman films. The director loves to show himself idiosyncratic in the selection of his material and his information policy. People did know little about Tenet until shortly before the cinema release. The spectacular trailers did not indicate which story Nolan wants to tell. All that was known was that time will play a significant role again. Nolan was just as severely hit by the events of that year.

But from the start, the Brit insisted on getting his film into the cinemas as soon as possible. He believes in the power of cinema and sees himself as a pioneer in the crisis. Now Tenet has started. The experts were sceptical as to whether the blockbuster has a chance to reap its massive budget of 200 million dollars. But the first numbers still give cause for optimism. Despite limited capacities and extensive restrictions, Tenet has already earned $ 152 million after ten days. It seems clear that the plant will not come close to the forecast initially figures. But Christopher Nolan’s courage can be admired. He took the full risk with the release; now it is up to the film fans to reward this risk with good box office results.