Schindler – The Documentary That Precedes the Film

In the year 1994, Steven Spielberg made ‘Schindler’s List’ that completely wowed audiences around the world. The entire script and direction that the movie takes revolves around the life of Schindler and brings out the realism of warfare in a very tear-jerking perspective. What many people don’t know is that the awesome movie that Spielberg made is based on the award-winning documentary that was made ten years before. The documentary was directed by Jon Blair and was called ‘Schindler.’

If you look at the documentary, you will see that every part of the movie compliments the Spielberg version, audiences who have loved and appreciated ‘Schindler’s List’ is bound to fall in love with the documentary as well. Some of the footage and photos that are used in the documentary are very rare and captures the reality of how Hitler’s Germany paraded its worst yet. The life of Oskar Schindler is also described in greater detail in the movie. Audiences love the idea of taking a more in-depth look into the life of Oskar for the amazing personality that he exhumes. Here are some of the vital points of the documentary that you can expect to enjoy.

  1. Oskar Schindler’s relationship with his wife Emilie is described in great detail. His wife accepted him as a man who enjoyed and loved several women. She speaks of how Oskar did nothing while the people around him always ran around working.
  2. Interviews with Oskar’s mistress about the main sadistic German officer are one of the most nerve chilling parts to watch out for. She describes how the German officer did not kill for fun and strived to defend the cruel nature of the German officer. In the end, she has little to nothing left to convince people of the quality of the man people hated.
  3. Amon Goeth was the sadistic German officer who Spielberg masterfully depicts in his version of the movie. The character is amazingly similar to the actual person and makes audiences love and appreciate the movie Every characteristic of Amon was genuinely captured by Speilberg right from his swag to his chilling demeanor.
  4. The most significant part of the documentary is the talk with the maid of Amon. Helen was the maid who worked for Amon and who became the friend of Schindler. Helen describes how she lost her hearing from the single blow she received from Amon and the brutal nature of his life. Helen beautifully describes the brutal nature and the kind nature of both Amon and Schindler in her interview. A striking contrast
  5. Several people who are interviewed were only children when the actual events took place and recount their stories. One of them even was present when Amon was driven to rage when one of the 50 children tried to escape.
  6. While some of the Jews loved and truly respected Schindler, the others even saw him as a money maker who used the opportunity to make money and got much out of the entire deal. The people who truly knew the inner workings of Schindler’s plan, even talk about how they felt safe when he was around.