Small Budget Flicks That Became Enormous Hits

Movie budgets range in a million-dollar value and lay a platform for some of the wealthiest earnings for the entertainment industry. However, some small directors have enormous potential but do not get the recognition they need to produce movies worth $100 million. These directors prove that their abilities lie in their talent and the strength of their script rather than in the elements of cinema that would cost a fortune. The directors choose up and coming actors or lower grade actors and focus all their attention on the screenplay and direction. The actors who play a role in these movies are often picked up by more prominent directors based on their performance. The independent films that cost less but have high quality are a rare phenomenon in Hollywood but not unheard off at film festivals.

The Less than 10 Million Budget Wonders

Movies such as Juno, Lost in Translation, Little Miss Sunshine, The Purge and My Big Fat Greek Wedding are some of Hollywood’s best films ever made and cost less than 10 million on the budget. However, when the film hit the cinemas, the audiences loved it. As a result of, the box office turnover for these movies easily crossed $300 million. The performance means a massive return on savings for the entire team.

The initial budget in these movies go toward the pay for one leading Oscar-winning actor and leaving the rest to the screenplay and direction. The leading characters are usually played by small actors to keep the budget lean. The unique features of the movie are believed to be strong enough for small time producers, who show a willingness to produce the film. As for the actors, the enormous success that comes with the box office reception of the film has benefitted for years to come.

Budgets Under a Million

For budgets under a million, it might seem impossible to make a movie at all. However, there are a few select movies that started their franchise with a small budget. Friday the 13th is a classic example of a film which was made on a low budget. The audiences loved the ‘Freddy’ franchise, and it continues to be one of the most loved thriller movies of all time. The cinema used up just 500k on its original budget and brought in $60 million at the box office.

Another franchise that started on a budget under a million is the Night of The Living Dead. It was one of the first zombie movies ever made, and the director believed that there was potential in the concept. In the year 1968 when the film was produced at a meager $ 115,000, brought about over $42 million in the box office – A one-of-its-kind success. Till date, the movie has laid the foundation for an era of zombies that audiences enjoy. Who would even think that the film ‘Rocky’ was one of the films that were produced at just under a million. Over the years the film has brought in over $230 Million from around the world.