The Different Comedy Genres and What They Mean

People love a movie that has a good plot and an even better storyline. In actuality, audiences enjoy a good film that has good characters who handle the problems they have efficiently and creatively. Watching people perform on screen is interesting to humans because of the instinct to watch or notice other people and their lives. People like to watch movies that offer an alternative lifestyle to what they are currently dealing with and some even escape into this imaginative world.

Comedy plays a vital role in influencing people’s taste. Everyone likes the comic relief in the movies and the higher paid the actor is, the better the type of comedy they can expect. People come to the theatres for entertainment, and when they can unwind and laugh; they love it. Now when it comes to comedy in movies, there are different types of comics that people prefer. What seems funny to one person is not considered fun to the other. This has initiated movie makers to classify the comedy genre into several sub-genres.

Slapstick Comedy

The literal meaning of slapstick comedy is when someone on screen is falling or is being hit. This is not funny to many people, but some people enjoy seeing clumsy people on-screen. While social media websites are full of clumsy videos people, this type of comedy is becoming increasingly popular. Even the most serious movies have trace elements of slapstick comedy in them. Slapstick comedy movies have a lot of classic comedy in the beginning and at the end of the film and have a more serious or fun plot in the middle. This way of sandwiching a slapstick comedy movie ensures that more people like the film.

A Farce Comedy

This type of comedy movies is ridiculous and funny. The situations are ridiculous and seem impossible to happen. The storyline and plot in a farce are a lot better than in a slapstick comedy movie. There is some conflict that is added into the mixture of the plot that the main actors need to sort. This makes a farce a ridiculous film but making sense at the same time because of the plot.

Satire Comedy

Highly a single person qualities are what is highlighted in a satire comedy. The lead actor’s foolishness is highlighted throughout the movie. His actions and events leading to his reactions are set to make him fail miserably. Audiences enjoy the silliness that the actor portrays in the same way; they would enjoy a clown at a circus. For actors to be able to pull off a satire comedy movie, they have to be well-versed comedians with a great following. For example, Steve Martin or Rowan Atkinson are two of the most famous actors who can pull off a satire comedy well.

Dark Comedy

The comedy in dark movies is tough to understand by everyone. The film that usually uses dark comedies are the ones that are highlighted at film festivals than for public viewing. They use unfortunate and depressing events and add humour and farce into them. This has a disconcerting effect on the audiences. However, some people live for the thrill of dissecting the movie and enjoying the complex storyline attached to it. This is a popular genre found in dystopian movies.