The Real Fiction Behind the Mockumentary Genre – Film Genre

Several movie directors are known for coming up with their genre of movies that set off a trend that others follow suit. Quentin Tarantino is one such director who is famous for making his genre of film that several directors have attempted to copy but don’t have a flair for. Some genres are a beautiful cross between two different genres that completely wow audiences who watch the movies. One such genre that walks the thin line between reality and fiction is mockumentaries. Mocumentaries are otherwise called as docu-comedies. They are usually heavily based on current events with a flair of comedy and fantasy weaved into the script that leaves the audience wondering if anything or everything they see on screen is true. Some of the mockumentaries that are made today are dramas that have a documentary feel and are so well scripted that they almost seem real.

Mockumentaries are making a comeback in a big way in today’s television and movie industry as well. The first ever mockumentary was created in 1984 by director Rob Reiner who used it to make the classic movie ‘This is Spinal Tap..’ As the movie industry progressed and the audiences around the world matured, movie creators began getting creative with their mockumentary approaches. Sometimes, smart directors also tend to reveal the truth under the pretexts of comedy.

The Unique Nature of Mockumentaries

One of the best mockumentaries every made is Best in Show. The movie was released in the year 200 and directed by Christopher Guest. The movie focus on dog shows and the competitive nature of the shows. The script is cleverly weaved to show the fiercely competitive nature of the dog owners and their winning dogs. Every type of dog owner who is usually seen at a dog show is captured realistically, that for a minute, the audience believes the stuff they see on screen.

The real nature of a dog show is cleverly captured, and that is precisely what a good mockumentary should look like. Some of the scenes are shocking and thought of as impossible to someone who would know nothing about a dog show competition. However, for those who know about the contest, understand that the incidents are not very far from the truth.

Competitions are usually one of the norms that are followed while making a mockumentary, till television shows such as ‘The Office’ and ‘American Vandal’ came out. Today, there are mockumentaries are being made to impress and give a fresh perspective to the viewer. A good movie genre that can blur the lines between reality and fiction effectively is received well by the audiences as well. In a time when computer graphics are used to make the viewer believe everything that they see on screen in action movie genres, mockumentaries thrive on near-truth facts that convince them. The greatest thing about a mockumentary is that it does not need a massive budget to become a hit. With movie audiences becoming smarter with their opinions about movies, mockumentaries need to focus on delivering a great script and a small budget with some acting talent.