Why Dystopian Film Genres Are Becoming the Newest Trend

Over the last six years, there has been a sudden burst of Dystopian movie genres. It all started with the ‘Hunger Games’ becoming popular. The movie laid the plot of the world is on the verge of extinction, only to be saved by youngsters. The popularity of the movie started a trend where more dystopian movies began coming to light like ‘the maze runner.’ The idea of having teenagers saving the world from extinction by facing unbelievable challenges and leading revolutions impressed the millions of viewers worldwide.

The ball was set to roll, and movies like ‘The Giver’ and ‘Divergent’ series were made only with the same theme of teenagers saving the world. It is easy to find the similarities between all the movies released in succession. They all have a state representative who communicated only through futuristic devices and warned about the repercussions of going against their rules. The teenagers who radiated hope were supported by a few and rose to fame with the little support they garner, only to find other outcasted members of society willing to help.

Dystopia in Movies Has Progressed

While everyone hogs the dystopian movies that are made today, little do they know that the genre is not a new one. In the late 70s, a series of dystopian movies were released like ‘The Omega Man’ and the ‘Soylent Green.’ However, the audiences were not ready to pick up the genre as a favorite as they were unable to see technology progress as far as the movies predicted. While youngsters loved the movies then, the popularity never took off.

In today’s world, teenagers feel like the norms of society and culture suppress them. They are longing to break free and allow the freedom of choice. The dystopian movie genres provide the sense of illusion to teens about what they can expect freedom of choice to be like. The challenges are massive, and this thrills the audiences. The oppression of the characters in the movie resonates with the audiences are they can live through the life on the silver screen.

Curiosity and Comfort in Knowing About the Alternative Universe

While everything in our era aims is removing individualism or is in constant turmoil over finding individualism, these movies are a ray of hope. There is a sense of comfort that individuals find when watching these movies. A warmth that things could be a lot worse if it was different and this feeds their curiosity as well. This is the reason why the governments around the world do not ban dystopian movies.

The need to raise to violence to get their way is being squashed by the idea of what could happen if they go that way. The pessimistic views of the future and terrorism are highlighted and positively entwined with the movies. Teens are shown that the darker a route they take to solving social problems, the more difficult it becomes to co-exist. Teens and adults who are curious about the future can see what they can expect if things were advanced and different. Many of the technologically advanced equipment created for the movies give viewers a glimpse into the future and humanity loves it. While these equipment doesn’t exist yet, the hope that they would in the future will continue to bring people to the theatres.